At JSSPS, Huvina Hadagali, the concept of continuous and comprehensive evaluation [CCE] is being followed. Instructions are designed to assist children how to learn. The assessment includes:

  • Oral Testing
  • Home Assignments & Teacher Observations
  • Class Tests/ projects/seminars
  • Inspection of Note books
  • Participation in Activities and exhibition of their hidden talents which may be in the field of sports, fine arts, music, dance, drama, Quiz, debate and other activities
  • Use of Reading Materials
  • Examinations- Four Formative Assessments (FA) and Two Summative Assessments (SA)

We believe in creating a stress free learning environment that enhances positive learning. Since the year 2004-05, the formal examination system is being replaced by informal and continuous assessment.
The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation [CCE] considers the child’s performance throughout the academic year in both scholastic and co- scholastic activities. The learning environment demands skill based teaching that is followed by skill based assessment in these fields:-Reading, Writing, Listening, Understanding, Speaking, Handwriting, Thinking, observation, reasoning, analysis, application, decision making, identification, conceptualization, drawing and many other skills- based on the subject and kind of activity conducted. At all levels, students need to demonstrate critical enquiry, research skills, and an ability to place their knowledge into practical contexts.

Allotting marks have completely disappeared from the assessment record. Grades have replaced the scores which avoid comparison and boost the morale of each & every child. Student’s profile encompasses the detailed report about child’s overall development in life skills, attitude, value system, personal habits, health and hygiene and other special capacities of the child.