The Lower Kindergarten [LKG] section is a place for fun and learning. Every child who enters into the portals of this institution will undoubtedly receive individual attention, care and affection by skilled teaching staff. The aim of the kindergarten section is to nurture the child’s desire to learn, experiment, play and to gain independence.

The curriculum is designed to foster the emotional, physical, social, intellectual and creative development of each child.

The Activity Hall is a hub of all art, craft, music, dance and other such activities. The activities designed in the activity room, are related to senses, day to day activities, mathematics and phonetics. Stress is laid on developing the language skills of the child and on developing the muscular, mental and emotional faculties by helping child explore his/her immediate surroundings.

Students are encouraged to take part in class activities that are held every year like annual day and sports day. A host of friendly contests and competitions are held for each grade. In these, evaluation is done on a day-to-day basis by way of worksheets based on the syllabus taught. The overall performance of the child is judged at the end-of-the-year by tabulating of these evaluations. Our wide array of extra-curricular activities includes physical education, arts and crafts.