The concept of ‘learning by doing’ is the mainstay of learning for the kids. The aesthetic sensibilities of the children are honed and their perceptive and cognitive abilities are developed through computer-aided teaching.

A child play is a spontaneous expression and is an instinctive process of discovery and recognition, which educates the child to unity and diversity of things in nature. To discover and display the hidden potential in every child, an opportunity is provided to the students in the form of co-curricular activities.

Our care given at Upper Kindergarten (UKG) is firm, but gentle. Mathematics, Environmental Studies and General Knowledge form the core subjects for the UKG section. Three language policies are adopted here. So, children have to learn English, Hindi and Kannada as their languages.

The end of the year, monthly evaluation of these helps in judging the overall performance of the child and his/her ability to meet the requisites for the next grade.