During this stage we emphasis on multiple skill development. Students are encouraged to think out of the box by adopting activity based instructional strategies. Various club activities and Inter house competitions are arranged to develop the spirit of healthy competition among the students.

  • AT JSSPS, Huvina Hadagali, there is a concentrated effort to develop the cognitive thought processes of students. The curriculum is activity oriented. The subjects offered at this stage are;
  • I to V std: English, Hindi, Kannada, Environmental science ( I to V) , Mathematics.
  • To inculcate practical thinking in students along with a sense of ‘discrimination’ and ‘purpose’ towards the actions they undertake so that they acquire knowledge and skills to consider the outcomes with reason. The teaching of Mathematics is made interesting and effective where observation skills of the child are engaged by contriving certain situations in “The Math Lab”.
  • Overall development is supported by Art Education, Work Experience, Sports activities, health Education, Yoga, Music, Dance, Co-Curricular & Extra curricular activities. Moral values are inculcated through Value education and Life skill education classes. Club activities and inter house competitions imbibe the spirit of healthy competition among the students.
  • The Academic session is divided into Two Evaluation systems. There is no pass or fail system at this level. Allotting grades places less academic pressure on the students. The assessment is continuous and the approach is activity based. Appraisal is based on the student’s performance throughout the year. Apart from the tests, systematic weightage is given to project work, Assignments, class participation and activities that generate self-learning. The more importance is given to the hidden talent of child which may be in the field of fine arts, music, dance, thinking or reflecting skills.