At the middle school level, we wish to promote the pursuit of excellence and achievement by every student to enable them to make the very best of their abilities and skills. It is our intention to create and maintain an ethos that encourages high standards, self-reliance, co-operation, enthusiasm and initiative.

Here, the focus shifts to self directed and collaborative learning. The emphasis is on acquiring in-depth conceptual knowledge .Students are encouraged to be self motivated and self confident in their endeavour through Experimental, co-operative and participative learning.

The subjects offered at this stage are English, Hindi, Kannada, Science & Technology, Social Science (as per CBSE guide lines), Mathematics, Computer and Life skills. Art Education, Music, Dance and the Co- Curricular activities make the learners aesthetically responsive. Physical and Health education and sports activities make the students physically fit and mentally alert. Club activities, Inter and Intra school activities provide students an opportunity to discover their talents in diverse fields with the right spirit.

Destressing in academics is done by adopting Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation scheme. Grading system adopted avoids comparison among children and boosts the morale and positive attitude of children. “To Move from ordinary success to the inspired achievement”, where every child working with the score attained with his/her own efforts is further inspired by the teachers, peer group, parents to move on to attainable targets which gives a sense of personal achievement to the child.